Extends stream.Readable

Class implementing RasterBand reading as a stream of pixels

Reading is buffered and it is aligned on the underlying compression blocks for maximum efficiency when possible

Pixels are streamed in row-major order

Table of Contents


  • options

Defined in lib/readable.js:23


  • [options] RasterReadableOptions optional
    • band RasterBand

      RasterBand to use

    • [blockOptimize=true] Boolean optional

      Read by file blocks when possible (when rasterSize.x == blockSize.x)

    • [convertNoData=false] Boolean optional

      Automatically convert gdal.RasterBand.noDataValue to NaN, requires float data types

    • [type=undefined] New (len: number) => TypedArray optional

      Data type to convert to, must be a TypedArray constructor, default is the raster band data type